Signs of failing siding

Signs of Siding Failure

Signs of Failing Siding

Things to look out for when your siding fails and how to mainting and fix the problem.

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Siding protects the inner walls from damage and should be repaired as soon as possible.  Moisture can lead to rot, mold, moisture problems, and Strutural integrity.  There are many indications that there may be an issure with your siding like peeling paint in an inside room or staining.  Check you siding as indicated below.

Aluminimum Siding

Uppainted spots are serious in humid areas, aluminum won’t rust, but will eventually corrode and should be touched up.

1. Gaps: Caulk any gaps in joints with

2. Torn or loose section:  Look for any torn siding or missing siding.  It’s common to find pieces missing.  Replace or renail any missing or torn siding.

Absbestos Shingles:

Any damange will probably near the foundation, where excess moisture often causes the shingles to crack and break off.

1. Brittle, cracked, or broken sections:  Replace damaged sections.  Repair smaller cracks with asbestos caulking.

2. Loose or rusty nails:  Hammer in the loose nails and replace rusty ones with non rusting types-rusty nails will streak the siding.  Check for the source of excess moisture.  It may my pushing nails out and causing them to rust.

Brick, concrete, or concrete block

1. cracks:    If you have cracks in your foundation it could be setteling.   You should measure the the length and width of the crack and wait a few months.  Remeasure and if there is any difference then you need to call in a pro.  If it remains the same the setteling may have come and gone and you can fill the crack and patch with cement.

2. Water damage:  Looks for a white powery substance that comes up through the concrete or brick.  If you find any then you most likely have water damage.  You will need to find the source of the water leak and fix as needed.  Then you can brush off the deposits with a wire brush and clean.  patch where needed.


1:  If you see any crumbling or missing sections of stuccos you most likely have a water problem and will need to call in an expert to find the water issure and patch.


Vinyl can become very brittle.  Looks for missing parts and cracks.  Replace any missing sections and caulk any gaps

Wood Siding failures

1. Loose, rotting, or missing sections:  Try finding the water water source and cut it off.  Make sure there was no structural damage and replace all rotted or missing sections.  You will want to place a water vapor barrier behind the siding

2. Cracked or peeling paint:  Repaint only if you thing the siding is sound.  Painting over rotted sections will only trap in the rot and make it worse.  Replace all rotted wood.  Brush or scrape off any loose paint before painting and make sure its dry and clean.

3.  Rusty nails:  Replace any rusty nails with galvanized nails to prevent rust streaks

4. Signs of insects:  Check for clusters or holes, tunnels, piles of sawdust, or discarded wings in the fall and spring.  If found call and exterminator.

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