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Maintaining Siding in the Seattle area

Before rushing to brighton digny sidiing with paint, try washing it.  Washing is the first step to a lasting paint job anyway.

Being in the Seattle area you really need to a yearly washing.  The washing helps preserve siding and its finish.  For painting wood siding and aluminum siding, use a solution of 1 cup detergent and 1 quart cholorine bleach in 3 gallons of water.  Use an extra strength detergent sold by Seattle paint and Hardware stores.  Wear rubber gloves, safety goggles, and protective garments.  Rinse the siding thoroughly.

To spruce up vinyl siding, hose it down then sponge it with a mild liquid detergent and as  a result it will be less likely to streak.

A great tool for washing siding is a long car wash brush on a hose.  Bleach away green copper stains with a solution of 3/4 pound oxalic acid crystals in 1 gallon hot water.  Sponge on and wait 5 minutes, then rub with a cloth.  Repeat until the stain lightens.

Lighten rust stains with a solution of 1 part sodium citrate crystals to 6 parts of water.  Dip a cloth on it then stick the wet cloth on the siding, covering the stain for 15 minutes.

If you’re going to pain, sand rusty nailheads and surrounding stains with a medium-grit sandpaper to take off as much rust as possible.  Cover a recessed nailhead with caulk.  Then prime the area with rust inhibiting paint.

If you’re not sure whether a stain is soil or mildew, dab at it with a bleack soaked rag.  If particles begin to fall off, it’s mildew.

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