Remodeling Contractor In Seattle

Remodeling Contractor In Seattle


If you are tired of calling contractors and not getting them to call you back or are having scheduling issues with your contractor then post jobs to   You can post a job online and have contractors that are already signed up in the network bid on the job. 

Signing up is easy.  Just go to the post a job section on and  write a desciption, enter your zip code, and post a photo of the job you want completed.   Contractors that are signed up within that zip code will be notified through email and invited to bid on your job.  The lowest price doesn’t always win and you as the homeowner have all the control of the contractor that you want to work on your project.

We are currently accepting contractor in Seattle to sign up for free leads.  If you are looking for more leads you can click on the link to fill out your profile and receive free leads for remodeling contractors in Seattle.


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    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowlegde.

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