Protecting Floors From Scratches

   Protecting Floors from scratches

Tips on protecting  your floors

 from scratches & Dents


You need to stop dirt at the door.  You can help protect your floor by Keeping dirt from being tracked into the house by stopping it at the door.  A pair of rough textured mats on the outside and inside of the door will catch a lot of it.

Use area area rugs to help protect carpets and waxed floors where the traffic is heavy for example the hallways, family room, and the dining area.

Put stick on pads or nail in felt pads on the bottom of all your furniture legs so they can be moved with scratching the floors.

If you fear that moving heavy furniture will damage your floors, slip a piece of plush carpet, pile side down, under the furniture legs.  You’ll protect the floor, and the furniture will slide easier.  You can also use cardboard or a thick blanket pad.

Before moving furniture, slip heavy socks on the legs or wrap in a towel and add tape to hold into place.

If you you have scratched in your flooring and need a flooring professional to fix the floor post your flooring project on

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