Filling holes in sheetrock – Patching Wallboard

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Filling Holes in Wallboard

Small homes and cracks in plastered walls or punctures in plasterboard are not that hard to repair.  Loose, crumbling, or larger homes can be very difficult tor repair.  For larger jobs like that you may want to hire a local sheet rock contractor for the job or cover the area with a photo or some wall tiles.

Small sheetrock cracks

For small cracks you will want to clean out any loose debris then using a utility knife undercut the crack at an angle.  Moisten the crack for good adhesion and fill with spackling.  Make sure to apply the spackling so it’s flush with the rest of the wall or ceiling.  Don’t use more that you have to.

Larger Cracks & Holes

You may have to use plaster rather than filler.  First, remove all the loose plaster and make sure there isn’t any loose paper.  If you find loose paper cut back to were it’s solid. 

Wet the area as plaster aborbs a lot of water and paint.  Mix the plaster with clean water to a thick creamy consistisy and apply with a plaster knife, letting each layer dry in between.  Level it off by drawing a straightedge upwards over the repair, flush with the water plaster each side.  When nearly dry, smooth and harden off with a plasters float, wetted with water.

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