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Quick fix a stripped screw in a doorjam

This tips was from a home  contractor in Detroit.

Super easy fix for fixing a stripped out screw in a door jamb.

Take out the screw that isn’t tightening enough.  Measure the screw and either get a couple of tooth picks or a golf tee.  Cut either of them to the length of the screw and insert back into the hole.  If you are using tooth picks you will want to use enough to fill the hole.

Once the hole is filled you are ready to put the screw back in.  

I love these super easy fixes and thanks for our fan in Detroit for submitting this tip.

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Local Contractors

Local Contractors

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 The process is simple.  Lets say you have a new fence you need to be built.   You would sign up as a home owner and post the job being as descriptive as possible.  Once the job is posted local contractors from around your area will be notified and start bidding on your job.

 As a home owner you have the ability to block any local contractors or you can choose to work with any local contractor your choose.

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Remodeling Contractor In Seattle

Remodeling Contractor In Seattle


If you are tired of calling contractors and not getting them to call you back or are having scheduling issues with your contractor then post jobs to   You can post a job online and have contractors that are already signed up in the network bid on the job. 

Signing up is easy.  Just go to the post a job section on and  write a desciption, enter your zip code, and post a photo of the job you want completed.   Contractors that are signed up within that zip code will be notified through email and invited to bid on your job.  The lowest price doesn’t always win and you as the homeowner have all the control of the contractor that you want to work on your project.

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Seattle WA Remodeling Contractors

Seattle WA Remodeling Contractors

Seattle WA Remodeling Contractors

Bidvolt is currently accepting new contractor profiles for all of Washington State.   If you are a contractor in WA looking for more leads go to and post your  profile today.  Contractors can post in about 20 different categories including Addition & remodels, carpet cleaners, home & house cleaners, deck work, electrical, plumbers, flooring, lawn & landscape, roofing, siding, concrete Brick & Stone, Drywall, Fences, Gutters,  Painters and stainers, Trash Haulers and More.  If  a home owners posts a job in your area you will be notified immediately through email and invited to bid on the job.  Bidvolt is concentrated on filling spots up for Seattle WA remodeling contractors so if you or a friend or family work in the home improvement business feel free to sign up.

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Fastening To Masonry – Tips from Auburn WA remodeling Contractors

Brought to you by an Auburn WA remodeling contractor

To secure most items to a concrete, brick, or cinder-block wall, you will need todrill a hole and insert a wall fasteners.  Use lead anchors for most loads and expansions shields for heavy ones.  Use plastic anchors and fiber plugs for very light items.
To drill a hole in masonay, use a carbide tipped bit on an electric or high powered drill, preferably a variable speed model that will let you drill at a low speed.  As you drill, move the in and out rather than pushing hard.  If the drill begins to stall back out a little bit or you could end up burning out the motor.  If you drill lacks the power to drive a big bit into solid concrete or brick, try drilling a small hole first, then a larger one.

On a cindar block or a hollow tile wall, another good fastner is toggle bolt.  Drill a hole for it with a carbide tip.  Then install the fastner as you would on a hallow wall.  Drill a test hole first to make sure the blocks hollow interior has enough space to accommodate the bolds wings.

You can attach boards that will carry light loads with either cut nails or masonary nails.  Because these nails tend to split wood, first drill a hole in the board for each nail.  Make it slightly smaller than the widest part of the nail.  If a wall is very hard, drill holes for the nails in the wall too.  Cut nails and masonory nails can chip a claw hammer, causing flying metal particles.  Always, drive them in with a ball peen hammer or slight sledgehammer.  If a fastner will carry a heavy load, don’t install it in mortar between masonary blocks.  Under stress, the mortar is likely to crumble, and fastners will pull out.

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